17 Gifts Guitar Players Will Actually Love

It can be hard sometimes for a non guitar player to pick a gift for the guitarist in their lives. How do you find something they'll actually find useful, or even like? Well, fret no more (pun intended!) as here we list a range of items that every guitarist would be happy to receive whatever the occasion


Clip On Tuner

Every player needs a tuner at some point. These clip on ones are great as they are small for carrying around, and then clip on so you can check your tuning easily without rummaging around in a kit bag mid session



A capo is a great tool to have in the bag for quick key changes, but they don't have to be a plain, functional thing! Add some personality to the functionality with a shark, crocodile, jaguar, or even a skull

Pick Punch

Guitarists always need more picks. Why? Because picks always have a tendency to get lost! This awesome tool allows you to make picks out of almost anything, so you'll never have to worry about losing any again

Phone Holder

Ideal for anyone that uses their phone to check lyrics or chords, this holder allows you to place the phone easily within view instead of having to double over trying to see it from a table!


 You can never go far wrong with a great T-shirt that shows your passion for guitar! We have several great designs and are always adding new ones so check back from time to time to see what's new. Sizes go from small up to 5XL.


Multi Tool

A great budget gift, this tool set has everything you need for changing strings and adjusting action. Includes string winder, action ruled, cutter, wrench and pick holder. 

Pedal Power Supply

Power for 9V, 12V or 18V guitar effects pedals. Universal power 110V-240V means it will operate anywhere in the world. Bright blue LED short circuit indicators. All 10 outputs in this unit have separate short-circuit protection, i.e.short circuit in one channel won’t affect other channels’ function.

Spider Capo

Great for those who like to experiment with different tunings, this capo allows you achieve them without having to re-tune the strings, ideal if you need a different tuning during a performance.

Guitar Canvas

These are a great idea for anyone that has a music room or studio, or even for any other room in the house! New designs added as they become available too.

Pock Rock

One of our favorite items in the whole store - the PockRock is a portable guitar multi-effects pedal. 5 effect modules with 15 effect types, 40 drum rhythms, 16 preset patches and 16 user patches. It is not only a sound library, but also allows you to create your own sound library.  With headphone out and AUX in, you can enjoy your playing at night and no need to worry about disturbing others.  Check out the demo video:

Wall Mount

Every player needs somewhere to store and display their precious guitars, and these wall mounts are ideal. All contact points are coated in foam or rubber to protect the instrument. A great way to display your guitar as well as keep it safe when not in use.

String Cleaner

A must have tool! Superb tool for cleaning entire surface of strings and removes any build up of dust or grease, keeping your strings in tip top shape and sounding their best.


Tuner Capo

What do you get the guitar player who has everything? A capo that is also a tuner! These are just cool!

Belt Buckles

A guitar shaped belt buckle is a really novel way for anyone to show off their love for guitar, with a range of styles available there is something for everyone, and we even have some that come with a belt too, saving you having to attach the buckle yourself!



When guitar players aren't playing guitar, they're thinking about playing guitar, so there's nothing better than having a nice guitar themed mug while sipping on your favorite brew! New designs are continually being added, so we've always got something new.



Mini Headphone Amp

This cool gadget enables you to connect headphones direct to your guitar - perfect for when you need to practice without disturbing others. Or perfect for those who maybe think they are better than they are!

Vintage Jack Rack

If it's something a bit different you want then this amp design key rack is the perfect choice. The PLUGINZ "Vintage" Jack Rack! Comes with 4 keychains, a mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.

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