5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Guitars…

We all love everything guitar. However, we’ve recently come across a few interesting things that we think even the most dedicated of guitarists are unaware of, so thought we’d share! If you already know any of this, then kudos to you! 


#1: Guitar Genesis

Have you ever wondered who actually invented the very first guitar? Well wonder no more - the first ever guitar to exist in the world was designed in Ancient Egypt. Talk about vintage guitars! Although the classic guitars look nothing like present guitars, the first was created approximately 3,500 years ago. It is reported that Har-Mose, a singer of the era, was the first to own a guitar, which was formulated from glazed cedar with a rawhide sound board featuring 3 strings, with a plectrum gadget connected to the instrument through a ligature. This fascinating guitar antique is currently seated at the Archeological Museum in Cairo.

Oldest Guitar

#2: How big is your guitar?

The largest guitar globally is recorded at 13 meters long. Probably sounds outrageous but is true- the Guinness Book of World Records certifies the world’s biggest guitar as being approximately 43 feet, which is equivalent to 13 meters, same length as a bus. Now, you’re probably wondering, does it play? Guess what, yes it does, with every string remitting the perfect pitch. It is not just a mock-up. Mind boggling? Wait till you learn of its opposite..

Biggest Guitar

#3: Talk of Microns

Do you believe tiny people exist, living in a tiny world within our world? Possibly the person who invented the micro-guitar was designing for a micro-person. Not even the tiniest of human hands can be able to play this 0.000001 meter long micro guitar. Even more impressive is that this micro guitar’s strings are capable of being picked, but with special machinery of course.


#4: What’s the longest you’ve ever played your guitar?

For some, “Playing your guitar till your fingers bleed”, is not just an expression. In the year 2011, Dave Browne, an Irish guitarist, propped a new world record for the lengthiest guitar session ever. This gifted guitarist played continuously for a total of 114 hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds between 12th and 17th June, 2011. Dave played 1,372 songs in total at a mega concert held in the prominent Temple Bar Pub in Dublin, Ireland.


#5: Crazy in love

Guitars are the greatest instrument of all, and the relationship between man and his guitar is profound. In 2001, a British musician named Chris Black fell so deeply in love with his red Fender Strat that he decided to take the next viable step that most people in love do, and that is tying the knot. He and his love that he named, “Brenda the Fenda” had been dating for 35 years before deciding to seal the relationship in matrimonial vows. The decorum was conducted by a friend in a London church. Now that’s commitment!

Guitar Wedding

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