Top 10 Accessories Every Guitarist Should Have

While some accessories improve and enhance sound or playability, others are essential for fixing unforeseen problems at gigs or practice sessions. Then there are the ones that, well, let's face it, are not need to haves, but are just so cool, or make life easier in some way, that we guitarists just gotta have 'em!  Here is a mix of some of our favourite need to haves and gotta haves, enjoy!



1. Strings.

Everyone should always have a full set of spare strings in the case. They always go when you least expect them to, and you don't want to be caught out in the middle of a session. Whatever your favourite gauge or metal, just be sure to never have none. 

2. String Tool Kit.

When that string does go, you're going to want to change it as quickly as possible. A cutters and a string winder are a must to get you back into action in no time. A hex wrench and ruler can also help if you ever need to adjust the action. 


3. Tuner

A tuner is a must. Even the keenest of ears can't get it exactly right. Clip on ones are very handy as they can sit right on the end of the head for when needed. Some like the one shown will change colour when you've hit the right pitch to make it even easier.


4. Quick Change Capo

Capos are another must. I find the trigger style ones the best as they are so quick to put on and take off. And if you want to stand out a bit, get something more unusual like a crocodile, shark, or even one with a built in tuner!


5. Picks

Everyone has their preferred thickness and material for picks. But whatever yours is, just make sure you have a lot of them, because those things will for sure end up in alternate universe at some point! The amount that have disappeared on me over the years is unreal. Of course, another way round losing them is to carry a pick maker that can instantly make one out of almost any material. These are great for creating your own designs and experimenting with different materials.


6. Strap

Another must have, especially if you gig or like to stand while playing. I use a crocodile skin effect one to match my croc capo and it's really comfortable. Another good option is one that includes a pick holder, so that you can easily reach for another one when you inevitably drop the one you are using!!


7. Stand

Folding stands are great if you gig, or need to travel somewhere to practice, as you never know what's gonna be at the venue you go to. The one shown here is solid mahogany and can fit inside most cases when folded so is great for this. 


8. Wi-fi Transmitter / Receiver

Ok, so while not a must have, these things are just so cool, you gotta have one! If you like to move while you play, the freedom they give you is great as you don't have to worry about tripping over your cable or pulling it out. They've got good range too, and can support multiple devices being used together, so the whole band can go wireless!


9. Pedals

Guitar pedals play a major role in your guitar set-up, adding various effects and enhancements to your tone. They range from classic overdrive and distortion pedals to delay, reverb, looper pedals and more. 

An electric guitar and amp on their own can create some great sounds, but introducing effects pedals can take your playing even further. They allow you to get creative and sculpt a unique guitar sound and style that sets yourself apart from the rest.


10. Cleaners

If you want your guitar to sound its best, you need to keep in its best shape. Cleaning the fingerboard and strings regularly to prevent build up of dirt and grease is essential as is keeping the body free from dust and dirt.


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