Who are Great Guitar Gifts?

Since starting Great Guitar Gifts, I've had a few queries wondering exactly who we are, so I thought what better place to answer than in my first blog post! We are a family business, run mostly by me. We are from Ireland, but our HQ is in North Carolina, USA, and we have warehouses all over the globe. I've been playing guitar for around 23 years now. When I was around 17, my older brother who played said that he would teach me to play, and if I learned how to play his acoustic, he would buy me an electric one. Now, who could turn down that offer! His method of teaching however, was to throw me a chord chart and leave me to it! I persevered however, and eventually managed to start stringing a few chords together and eventually play a few songs. Badly! Rhythm was something that took a lot longer to learn than the correct chords! But, a lot of practice and playing with other musicians in pub sessions got me there. For a few years I had a regular gig alongside a banjo and harmonica player that was great fun, but moving house eventually put paid to that. These days apart from playing at home, I mostly play at family and friend occasions. But I'm still learning! The attached pic is me and my good friend ringing in the new year at a house party. Might as well start the year as you mean to go on! I never got that electric guitar I was promised though, I think this year I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and get it myself....

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